Simone Inzaghi insist Inter Milan still had work to do in second leg

Despite an amazing 2-0 first-leg victory over AC Milan in the semifinals, Simone Inzaghi felt Inter Milan still had work to do to go to the Champions League final.

Inter Milan beat AC Milan 2-0 in Champions League first leg

Edin Dzeko and Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored both goals for Inter in the opening 11 minutes to thrash their local rivals, and they easily could have ended the match during their commanding first-half performance.

After a lackluster performance in front of their supporters in the “home” leg of the match, Milan improved after the break but will be happy to still be within striking distance of the 2010 champions.

We could have done more than the two goals, but a great match. We’ve already gone through some rounds, we know we’re ahead.

Now there will be a second leg, we will have our fans with us and clearly we know that we will still have to make a huge effort to make a dream come true.

I asked for it yesterday, heart and mind. They covered every inch of the pitch and those who came in helped us.

That’s how performances like this are done. Now it’s right to be happy, but we know that we are still missing a piece.

Inzaghi told Amazon Prime Video.

Prior to Tuesday’s second leg, goal scorer Dzeko urged his teammates to maintain their intensity.

Obviously we know we have a good result but let’s say even though the next game on paper it is away game, actually it is a home game for them just with our fans.

We have to be careful because they are a good team but if we play like we did today, we’re on a good route.

Dzeko told BT Sport.

Stefano Piolo, the manager of Milan, was unhappy with the way his squad was playing.

We will try to do better in the second leg. I think they got the better of the tackles and second balls. The match went badly from a tactical and mental point of view.

We have to start from the attitude of the second half. We had the chances to get the game back on track.

We will have to put in an absolutely different performance from tonight’s. For the boys right now there is disappointment but also awareness of overturning the second leg.”

He told Amazon Prime Video.

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