Omah Lay revealed that he was in a state of pain when he made ‘Soso’

The hit song “Soso,” by Nigerian artist Omah Lay, has a backstory.

Omah Lay
Omah Lay

One of the best musicians in Nigeria is Omah Lay, whose work pushes the boundaries of Afrobeats creativity and introduces the genre to a wider audience. One of the major hits of 2023 was his smash song “Soso,” in which he opened up about his pain.

The lead track from Omah Lay‘s ‘Boy Alone‘ debut album is titled “Soso.” Omah Lay poured his heart into the song, which reflects the numerous difficulties that come with fame. The catchy tune connected with audiences.

He discusses his state of mind while creating the successful single in a recent interview with Steph TV. Examining the lyrics “Water no get enemy, until you fall for Osimiri.”

Water is friendly up until one falls into the ocean, according to Omah Lay, who clarified his meaning.

Numerous musicians have continued to use Fela Kuti‘s iconic “Water no get enemy” statement as a means of expression.

Omah Lay went on to say that he had to smoke to cope with his agony when he made “Soso” since he was in a condition of it.

Due to the composition’s appeal to listeners, “Soso” has achieved enormous popularity in Nigeria. After learning the meaning behind the songs, fans have grown to love them more.

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