Negreira Case: Numerous La Liga clubs criticize Laporta, Real Madrid remain silent

The head of Barcelona had already defended the team in a news conference earlier this week, making it clear once more that the €7 million or so payment given to Enriquez Negreira over the course of 18 years was for technical reports on referees and scout reports.

Joan Laporta
Joan Laporta

Barcelona president Joan Laporta was present at the La Liga Assembly, which was held in Madrid today, despite inquiries regarding the club’s involvement in the Negreira issue.

According to COPE’s Helena Condis, Laporta continued to uphold Barcelona’s innocence at the La Liga meeting. He made it clear that the Catalans had not paid in order to buy officials or sway games.

The journalist does, however, note that numerous La Liga club officials reprimanded the Barça president and requested a clarification for the money being made to Negreira.

It is not something we all do, it is done by one, by you, and by several clubs. La Liga is not irresponsible, the irresponsibility lies with FC Barcelona. Because of your actions, we have a discredit at Spanish and European level.

Sevilla Representative said.

It is a demand from all the clubs to La Liga to go all the way. It is not a matter for Tebas, it is a matter for La Liga and the majority of clubs.

Atletico Madrid CEO said.

It is claimed that the conversation was peaceful throughout and involving all parties. Even while they understood what Laporta was attempting to say, it appears that the majority of La Liga teams did not feel that his justifications were convincing.

However, it should be noted that despite it seeming as though the two clubs were about to start a battle earlier this week, Real Madrid was believed to have remained silent during this and they made no statements in support of or against Barcelona during the event.

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