Mary Njoku advice skin care vendors to be truthful about their products

Mary Njoku, a Nollywood actress and director, has pleaded with manufacturers of skin care products to be truthful about their products in order to benefit their clients.

Mary Njoku
Mary Njoku

Since skin is extremely sensitive, the actress said that skin care product vendors should practice being truthful with their clients.

This is because your (sellers’) insincerity on any products can simply be categorised as ‘fraud.

If sellers of such skin care products are sure of their effects, they should show their real faces, rather than being dishonest to their customers, not bearing in mind of the consequences.

I just walked past a ‘premium glow’ cream seller/user and what I saw baffled me.

We are all aware of the economic hardships in the country, but that is not a licence for any citizen to engage in fraud or cheating to make ends meet.

People should learn to do genuine businesses that could bring in good profits and God’s blessing than incurring curses and condemnation.

Mary Njoku advice fans.

Mary Njoku is a famous actress from Nigeria who also works as a producer and director. She also serves as the director general of the prestigious “ROK Studios” in Lagos, which the French television powerhouse CANAL+ recently purchased.

Mary Njoku
Mary Njoku

She also starred and directed “Single Ladies,” “Festac Town,” “Husbands of Lagos,” and other films. She also produced “Thy Will be Done” and other films.

The actress has helped the entertainment business expand and thrive in a wide variety of various ways.

Nevertheless, she praised those marketers of genuine beauty items for their sincerity and asked them to uphold it for the benefit of humanity.

Anyone who sells skin care products and uses filters for his/her promo videos and images is being fraudulent.

According to Mary Njoku.

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