Jay Jay Okocha believes he will cost almost $150 million in the current transfer market

In today’s transfer market, according to football great Jay Jay Okocha, he would have cost football clubs 150 million euros to hire his services.

Jay Jay Okocha
Jay Jay Okocha

In an interview with Hurriyet, Jay Jay Okocha claimed that if he were to gauge his value based on the current transfer market, teams would shell out millions of dollars to acquire him.

Jay Jay Okocha
Jay Jay Okocha

He made this comment in response to the enormous sums that football clubs are currently paying to get players.

Maybe 1 billion should have been paid for me.

They paid £106m for their defensive midfielder Chelsea. To a player from Portugal. I would have cost around €150m. My assists, dribbles… World football started to pay a lot of money. Such would be the numbers of players of this quality.

Jay Jay Okocha stated.

The ex-player also expressed his regret at leaving Fenerbahçe.

It was a really difficult decision. I left very sadly. I was very happy in Fenerbahçe. Moreover, I married my wife in Turkey. My children were about to be born.

When I went to the World Cup, I had no such thing in mind. After the matches in the World Cup, an offer came from PSG. Aziz Yildirim was the president. He didn’t want to send me. He didn’t even interview the PSG Club. This process has been very difficult. Despite my sadness, when such an offer came, I wanted to make money for Fenerbahçe.

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