Frank Lampard believes Chelsea signings need more time

According to Frank Lampard, Chelsea’s new signings have not been given the chance to make the contacts essential to assemble a successful team.

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard

Chelsea lost to Arsenal 3-1 on Tuesday, their sixth straight defeat, dropping them to 12th in the Premier League standings as they appeared disjointed and without a game plan.

Many of the players that were signed in January have not had a great impact, with big-money acquisitions like Mykhailo Mudryk and Noni Madueke in particular showing merely glimpses of their potential.

Inconsistency in the starting XI has persisted throughout Lampard’s disastrous interim tenure, as it did under former manager Graham Potter.

Frank Lampard
Frank Lampard

It has made a group that was already unbalanced—loaded with creative skill but lacking a goal scorer—appear even more disjointed and lackluster on the field. In their last eight contests, they have only scored twice.

Even though Chelsea’s opponents have been fighting for survival for the majority of the season and were in the bottom three at the beginning of April, if they lose to Gary O’Neil’s team on Saturday, they would fall below Bournemouth.

The numbers show you we’re the team that changes its XI the most, Coming in at this point for me, it’s trying to find the connections and partnerships in the team which are crucial as we all know.

The great teams we’ve witnessed over the years, you can pretty much always name connections. Full-backs; Liverpool off the top of my head, the full-backs are absolutely central to what they do.

When you’re trying to find that, it’s difficult, and I think it’s important to know that when we’re in a bad run and those things are not settled, it’s very hard to get consistency of what you want.

You end up searching for it, and that’s probably why people call it a transition. That’s a challenge. In my position as much as we want results, because results will get thrown in your face, we also need to try and find those little connections within the team going forward.

Some of the younger players that have come into the club have maybe not had the opportunity to settle, to feel comfortable within the team, to understand the full-backs are going to overlap them, or the midfield players are going to support them.

That is a process, and that needs work. It’s probably work I haven’t been able to do in this role as interim. It feels less in practice about coaching to that degree.

Lampard said.

Even if Raheem Sterling’s form completely disappeared amid Chelsea’s decline, Lampard stood up for the English forward.

The performances that saw Sterling score 131 goals in seven seasons at Manchester City, en route to winning four Premier League titles and becoming a lynchpin of Gareth Southgate’s national side, have not been reproduced by the club since he was brought in as the club’s first acquisition this season.

Since moving to Stamford Bridge in July, he has only scored four league goals.

I’ve spent the last three years talking to all my younger wingers that I work with, showing them videos of Raheem Sterling arriving at the back post, doing defensively the work he does.

You absolutely cannot take that away from him, what he’s done, for Manchester City and England.

When you move club, even though everyone on the outside goes ‘oh what hard work that is, moving from Man City to Chelsea, what a terrible situation’, it does bring around changes in your life.

Of course maybe the form of the team this season has not been great, so there can always be a lot of contributing factors to individual form.

He’s got credit in the bank. Keep working, things around him falling more into place, I think with Raheem he’ll show what he’s shown in his career.

We have a lot of understandable reasons and stories within the squad, the newer younger players, some players who will be moving on. There are a lot of those reasons.

Lampard added.

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