Football supporters want Victor Osimhen to duplicate his club form for the country

Thomas Ibenjo expressed his desire for Victor Osimhen to recreate his Napoli form for the Super Eagles.

Victor Osimhen
Victor Osimhen

While Napoli won Serie A on Thursday night, the football fans urged Victor Osimhen to carry over his club form for the national squad.

In an interview given on Friday in Ilorin, some supporters praised Victor Osimhen and Napoli for their outstanding achievement.

I am happy for Osimhen for winning the Serie A in style. How I wish he can replicate the form in super eagles and drive us to glory again.

He is instrumental to Napoli winning the Scudetto. We want him to also bring the form home to our darling super eagles and drive us to glory.

He said.
Victor Osimhen
Victor Osimhen

Victor Osimhen has had a big impact on his team, but Olukunle Abiola stated there are high expectations for him at home.

He has performed excellently in Napoli this season. We the super eagles fans now want him to come and do same at home.

He said.

According to Ahmed Usman, who described his path, Victor Osimhen, who always brings him joy, inspired him to start supporting Napoli.

I fell in love with Napoli because of Osimhen. I tried to watch all their matches because of his work rate and agility in every match.

All I want from him now is to come and win the African Cup of Nation (AFCON) for Nigeria. Nigeria need him to come and write his name in golden pen.

He said.

Victor Osimhen has won over Napoli fans, according to Mr. Femi Babatunde, but Nigerian fans haven’t yet taken a shine to him.

As a result of his performance, he claimed Victor Osimhen was growing more well-liked in Italy than in Nigeria.

Osimhen should come home and win our hearts. Nigeria is your home and we deserve to celebrate major trophy during your own timehe

He said.

Napoli won the Serie A for the third time in 33 years on Thursday night thanks to an Victor Osimhen goal against Udinese.

With five games remaining in the season, Lazio is in second place with 64 points, while Napoli has 80 points from 33 games.

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