Champions League: Dani Carvajal insist Real Madrid have nothing to be afraid of

After a thrilling stalemate in the teams’ first meeting at the Bernabeu on Tuesday, the game is now precariously poised at 1-1.

Dani Carvajal
Dani Carvajal

When Real Madrid travels to Manchester for the second leg of their Champions League semifinal next week, Dani Carvajal insists they have nothing to be afraid of.

With an incredible goal in the first half, Real Madrid’s defending champions took the lead, but Kevin De Bruyne drew them even in the second.

They have world-class players, they move the ball very well, they’re tactically very well worked – but I don’t think we saw a City side that are superior to Madrid.

The team goes home knowing that we played well and that if we get things right, if we take our chances in Manchester, we have a chance of going through.

We go there with nothing to fear. We have to go there to win, to play our game, and the team believes in it.

It’s a semi-final, everyone is playing to the limit, every challenge is a war.

Dani Carvajal said.

Real seized the lead against the odds on minute 36 when Vinicius smashed home from 25 yards, despite City dominating the opening stages at the Bernabeu.

The hosts then tried their best, using some unpleasant methods, to sabotage City’s progress.

With Jack Grealish, Carvajal in particular pushed the situation to its breaking point. He once shoved the England midfielder into some advertising hoardings, and when Grealish responded violently, he theatrically collapsed to the ground.

When De Bruyne hit with a ferocious shot from a similar range to Vinicius, City equalized on 67 minutes, during a period when Real had been dominating.

Even though Real complained about the equalizer and claimed the ball may have left the field of play during the buildup, the draw was the least the Premier League leaders deserved.

De Bruyne rejoiced as Real boss Carlo Ancelotti was cited for his denials.

In general I think the referee (Portugal’s Artur Dias) was good, he controlled it pretty well. It’s complicated to referee a Champions League semi-final.

We have to congratulate him for that but if the ball did go out then that’s an error that could cost us the tie.

Dani Carvajal added.

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