Burna Boy’s Afro-Moonwalk Dance Is Embedded in the Fortnite Video Game

The Afrobeats Superstar’s renowned Afro-moonwalk is now a move that characters in Fortnite video game.

A 2017 release, Fortnite is a multiplayer online action game with three different game types. It has 100 people competing to be the last one standing as part of the gameplay.

The Nigerian giant artist, songwriter, and performer Damini Ogulu, also known as Burna Boy, has accomplished a new achievement while playing the popular video game Fortnite.

Afro-Moonwalk, a dance that Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning Nigerian singer, is known for performing, has been added to the game as an emote as part of an update for the occasion. An emote enables a player to carry out a brief action that requires the player character to move in order to act it out; in this case, it’s the popular Micheal Jackson-inspired dance.

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